Sixth Day of Car Gifts: Porsche Office Chair

Porsche Office Chair Shot

Asked if you are sitting comfortably earlier this month, a clear understanding for interior ergonomics was presented while driving. For the many people who perform a daily commute to their workplace or even for home office workers, extended time at a desk requires similar seating considerations. Comfortable office chairs are imperative to a good day’s work.

For cases when you are encouraged to express yourself at your job, wouldn’t it be truthful that many of use would rather be driving a Porsche? Fortunate for fans of the 50-plus year-old Porsche 911, a special office chair has been released earlier this year and is the item for Automoblog’s sixth day of car gifts. Prepare to put the pedal to the metal for the Porsche Office Chair.

The Porsche Office Chair is not just another officially licensed piece, the seat incorporates the style and construction of the actual German sports car. The leather office chair is built to the same specifications as those of the sport seats found in the Porsche 911 Carrera. A premium seat for piloting a keyboard or an important conference call, the Porsche Office Chair recreates the sports car’s performance-oriented cockpit ergonomics. As the occupant presses against the Porsche Office Chair’s black premium leather, an electronic backrest adjustment can conform to the desired seating position.

Comforted in an upright placement for competing that important report or reclining back after a long meeting, the Porsche Office Chair rolls across the floor on a five-castor assembly. Armrests and a Porsche crest is imprinted onto the chair’s headrest complete the Porsche Office Chair’s racy appearance.

During the fifth day of car gifts, the $15,000-plus Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car presented an item catered more towards aspiration than a realistic gift to find under the Christmas tree. A retraction from the price tag on the golf cart, the Porsche Office Chair will require you to be sitting you as you digest the $5,690 US cost from the manufacturer. Sorry, we will try to bring the automotive-related gift ideas to a more affordable level for the seventh day.

Information and photo source: Porsche Cars North America