Fifth Day of Car Gifts: Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car

mustang golf cart _DSC4772

While the fourth day of car gifts focused on something inexpensive for younger car lovers, the fifth day is providing an item of a greater scale and cost. After all, the Twelve Days of Christmas song recognizes the fifth day with five golden rings. For the fifth day of car gifts, a blue oval and a snake has come together for an extravagant product.

A 2014 model year Ford Shelby GT500 retails at $54,800. A bargain considering the 662-horsepower and 631 pounds feet of torque output from its supercharged V-8 engine, the price will discourage the notion of finding it as any type of holiday gift (unless you are perhaps in the Kardashian family). Is it possible to own some of the driving excitement of piloting a new Shelby Mustang at a fraction of the price? For golfers who have a Shelby Mustang or wish they had a Shelby Mustang, an officially licensed brings the performance persona to the golf green.

Recreating the modern muscle car on a smaller scale, the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car could be the particular edge some golfers are seeking on the course. While the front nine holes might not transpire to your wishes, it will be extremely hard to return to the clubhouse feeling like a defeated golfer behind the wheel of this unique Shelby GT500 themed machine.


mustang golf cart _DSC4770

A two-seat non-street legal vehicle built on an aluminum frame, the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car features a front end sharing a remarkable resemblance to the real car. Working headlights and turn signals of the real Shelby GT500 is replicated on the golf cart. A body shell created from custom fiberglass, the shape of the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car is accompanied by PPG paint coloring as well as authentic Shelby GT500 badging and graphics. A fold-down windshield, golf bag attachment and sweater basket are golf cart touches added to the vehicle. The interior design is kept simple with a pair of ultra-suede/vinyl seats.

Riding on some of the most stylish 12-inch aluminum wheels ever seen, the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car features the stability of a double-ended rack and pinion steering, independent front suspension and rear braking. Powered by a 48-volt electrical system, the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car runs off six, eight-volt deep cycle batteries. A limited slip differential is also incorporated into the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car for better than expected power delivery from a course vehicle. Capable of a top speed of 19.5 miles per hour, a full-sized Shelby Mustang would practically run circles around this golf cart.

Less expensive than the full-sized vehicle, the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car still costs a fair chunk of a PGA winner’s share of the tournament’s purse. Costing $15,490 on The Ford Merchandise Store website, the sticker price of the Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car can acquire a street-legal Fiesta. Let us just call this Ford Shelby GT500 Golf Car a wish list item; put this golf cart right under the 2015 Ford Mustang.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company