Blue Bunny Delivery Van

Ice Cream Machine: A Tasteful History

I absolutely love ice cream.  It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

I grew up in LeMars, Iowa, home of Wells’ Blue Bunny.  My childhood was filled with flavors like Homemade Vanilla, Cookie Dough, and the infamous Bunny Tracks. There are many like the latter but don’t for one second be fooled.

Bunny Tracks is the best and will never be duplicated.  Ever.

I recall the summer of 2000, spending nights at the Blue Bunny Ice Cream Parlor.  There, I shared hopes and dreams over a spoonful of chocolate with Alexis.

She was my neighborhood crush, my first girlfriend, and a wonderful person.  We were going to run away and get married – the thought of leaving our rural town seemed so impossible.  Where would we go anyway?  That small, Northwest Iowa community was our world.

Sometimes, I wonder where time went and what happened to Alexis?  Like the Bryan Adams song, “Summer of 69:” “I think about you, wonder what went wrong.”  On occasion, I still return to LeMars to see my Grandmother and visit where my father is laid to rest.  I drive past the old house and tree where Alexis and I carved our names outlined by a heart.

Blue Bunny

Van Halen painted their version of the Ice Cream Man in 1978 but that has never been me.  I’m not that cool, or that gifted with the opposite sex.  If I said what David Lee Roth did to any lady, I would end up with the ice cream cone on top of my head.

It would be “Good Humor” I suppose . . .

Our friends at Van Monster put together this fun infographic showing the evolution of ice cream delivery vehicles.  Might want to grab a pint and dig in.  Before you do, just one thing to consider:

Spumoni is not an ice cream flavor.  It’s an odd ball glob of colors and nutty fruits.

It also sounds like a terrible disease.

“What’s the prognosis doc?”
“Well Carl, you have Spumoni, and you’re going to die.” 

Evo of Ice Cream Van (Full)

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Don’t say Spumoni.