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Genesis Essentia Concept: Challenging The Status Quo

Genesis is displaying the Essentia Concept at the New York International Auto Show. The Essentia is the brand’s first battery electric vehicle and provides a glimpse of where Genesis is heading with regard to design and technology.

“We understand our obligation as a luxury car manufacturer to create objects of desire, sparking passion and inspiration by emphasizing a culture while exceeding expectations in terms of technology and connectivity, bringing our outside world seamlessly to the inside of the vehicle,” explained Manfred Fitzgerald, Global Head of the Genesis Brand. “This is what the Genesis Essentia Concept is all about.”

Athletic DNA

Genesis wants to challenge the “status quo” for Gran Turismo cars with the Essentia. With its lightweight, carbon fiber construction, multi-motor electric powertrain, and custom-tailored interior, Genesis is pushing for something both beautiful and capable. The company’s internal philosophy of “Athletic Elegance” played heavily into the design and engineering of the Essentia; the Gran Turismo proportions are seen in the long bonnet, swept-back cabin, and lower stance.

“The Genesis Essentia concept defines our vision for an electric Gran Turismo that integrates Athletic Elegance and Genesis DNA as defining parameters,” said Executive Vice President Luc Donckerwolke, Head of Genesis Design. “A Gran Turismo typology highlights our ambition as a luxurious car brand for the connoisseurs and it is the perfect base to project our DNA in the future.”

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Photo: Genesis Motor America.

Walk Around

We notice the front is dominated by the “Genesis Crest Grille,” a brand signature. The hood is transparent so we can see the carbon fiber chassis and pushrod suspension. Intakes positioned left and right of the Crest Grille function as air curtains, pushing airflow around the front corners. Functional air outlets are also located just behind the front wheels to reduce pressure buildup and drag.

Moving around the Essentia, we see what Genesis dubs the “anti-wedge parabolic line,” or a design characteristic that provides visual structure to the body while emphasizing length. At the rear, we notice an aerodynamic surface and special Quad Lights.

“The search for dynamic proportions was contrasted with advanced aerodynamic flows to highlight the bionic combination of performance and aesthetics,” Donckerwolke said. “Essentia embodies the genetic elements of the Genesis design.”

Getting inside is uniquely science fiction; the Essentia actually has B-pillar fingerprint controls and biometric facial recognition for opening and closing the doors. Once settled, drivers are treated to Cognac leather seats with chevron quilting; just ahead is an eight-inch display operated by a jewel-like central controller.

Power & Performance

There is certinately a lot more than what Genesis is telling us, but what we do know is the significance of how the battery pack is laid out. Genesis says it’s “housed in the center tunnel in an I-shape structure” versus underneath the passenger compartment. According to the automaker, this allows the Essentia to maintain its signature look without compromising interior space.

The one spec Genesis does volunteer is the estimated zero to 60 time of three seconds.

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Photo: Genesis Motor America.

Technology & Connectivity

There is a lot here too, but the short version is that Genesis wants the Essentia to be connected to the world around it. Perhaps as a precursor to fully automated driving, the Essentia includes advanced machine learning and vehicle-to-infrastructure/vehicle-to-vehicle technology. If a driver has a “smart home,” the Essentia can program the HVAC settings, turn on the lights – even allow for deliveries.

What a time to be alive.

In Person

The Genesis Essentia Concept is on display at the New York International Auto Show, now through April 8th at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. He studies mechanical engineering at Wayne State University, serves on the Board of Directors for the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation, and is a loyal Detroit Lions fan.

Photos & Source: Genesis Motor America.