App Your Car Overview

App Your Car, Allowing You to Break the Law Without Being Obvious

App Your Car Overview

So I ran across an interesting crowd source funding product that I can ACTUALLY see myself using. It is called App Your Car. Before I go any further, let me say that I really hope this is just the name of the funding campaign and not the product itself. I have done some time in the Marketing trenches and this makes me cringe. Rant over, back to the product. The “App Your Car” is actually a Bluetooth controller that mounts to your steering wheel.

The controller is built so the user can run their phone (Android only at the moment) while driving without breaking cell phone usage laws. For me, this isn’t that big of a deal, as I am live in Missouri where I can still legally talk on my phone while driving and haven’t needed anything other than functional turn signals to pass an inspection ever. For others around the States and our European neighbors this isn’t so. The creators fall into the latter category. In the above video, the creators explain how their system would allow to control GPS (not bad), check your calendar (I can’t see myself doing this at a stop light), or make a Skype call (!!! Please noooo!!) all while driving.

Overall, I like the idea of the product but am a tad nervous about the functionality. If it works smoothly from the start I can see it being a big help. However, if it works like some other Bluetooth accessories that I have used in the past, it could cause more harm than benefit. I am mainly worried that the interface will be clunky, sort of like trying to change the radio in an early iDrive BMW.

App My Car Controller

The steering wheel controller isn’t the only part of the package. App Your Car is also selling a wireless, dash mount charger. What they don’t specify is the phones that will accept the over the air charge. This doesn’t give me a ton of confidence, but hey this is an Indiegogo project so the fact that they have a reasonable deadline of next June is promising. Check out their Indiegogo page here: App Your Car

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