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Acura Enlists to Serve in The Avengers Adventure

Acura Sports Car Avengers

As warmness rushes over the previously cold climate of winter, as the ideal environment for driving nears (barring more gas price spikes), the summer blockbuster season approaches. Despite its name, the Summer blockbuster period typically starts in the month of May with the first big-budget flicks. With many 2012 releases planned through the coming months, one of the most anticipated films set to lead off the summer is derived from the Marvel comic book universe. Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson are just a few lead performers lending their talents to making favoured Marvel hero characters come alive on-scene in The Avengers movie.

This summer blockbuster movie will start unusually with the release of the movie adaptation of The Hunger Games novel garnering runaway acclaim by viewers and critics. Set for worldwide release on May 4th, The Avengers movie will have one thing The Hunger Games does not have; robust product placement from an auto brand fighting to regain its position in the arena of premium car sales.

For what could be the biggest movie cross-promotion for Honda’s luxury car brand, Acura make a notable presence alongside the likes Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor. With a wide range of Acura vehicles positioned through The Avengers movie, audiences will catch a peek at the ZDX and the all-new RDX models in minor roles. Part of Acura’s appearance The Avengers film will come in the role of supporting Marvel comic book’s peacekeeping alliance S.H.I.E.L.D. Presented at Acura’s 2012 New York International Auto Show, a specially-outfitted MDX crossover vehicle revealed the military prowess of the Acura.


The most eye-catching vehicle related to the upcoming 2012 comic book action will be based on the recent Acura NSX concept car. Shown off in a dark red similar to the shade covering Iron Man’s armor suit, the concept supercar revealed for The Avengers film shows off the Acura NSX for the first time as a convertible form to the public.

Coinciding with Acura’s presentation in The Avengers film, there are several cross-promotions going into effect leading up to the movie. Firstly, Acura has created a television commercial depicting a 2013 Acura RDX storming away from a besieged city street in the midst of an epic Marvel battle between good and evil. The 30-second ad spot will be televised on April 16th but can be seen on Acura’s Youtube channel now.

Another interactive experience will offer Internet-connected fans to partake in part of The Avengers’ fight. Working as an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D., users will play various missions using Acura vehicles through the website. Featuring a “Tony Stark-inspired,” all expense paid trip to New York as a grand prize, other items to be potentially won includes S.H.I.E.L.D. merchandise and a replica of the Acura NSX Convertible.

A stylized presentation of their vehicle and brand, auto manufacturers, has long associated itself directly with Hollywood. General Motors’ extensive contribution to the Transformers trilogy gave shape to various Autobots (notably Bumblebee with a Chevrolet Camaro vehicle mode) and a few Decepticons. German luxury carmaker Audi placed their vehicles in the two live-action Iron Man films

Acura RDX Avengers Commercial

During this recent cycle of auto shows, the Honda luxury car division has been feverish in building a persona in the highly image-driven vehicle segment. Igniting the North American International Auto Show in Detroit with the Acura NSX and IFX concept cars, the addition of this cross-promotion deal with The Avengers movie could be the climatic resurgence the Japanese luxury brand is looking to obtain.

Information and photo source: American Honda Motor Company