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7 Vehicles to Survive the End of the World

If you think you know a thing or two about cars, you may be in a good position to take the lead when panic sets in around the inevitable apocalypse. Whether it hits this fall or a few years down the line, it’s time to face up to facts: human civilization is doomed, and only the wisest and resourceful will prevail!

The precise timing of Armageddon needn’t concern you too much. As we all know, some of the hardiest and durable machines known to humanity have been on the roads for decades already.

They will be only too ready to face up to the new challenges of environmentally ravaged surfaces, extreme weather conditions, and the occasional raging battle.

Which machine will you choose?


Take the humble Land Rover, for example. Those who drive it already form a disparate community of like-minded survivors and survivalists, accustomed to acknowledging each other whenever two such vehicles cross paths. This solidarity may stand you well when brother turns against brother and nations implode. And how about that road record? After nearly seven decades in production, three-quarters of all Land Rovers are still on the road. Those kinds of odds are worth listening to.

That said, the Bugatti Chiron is unlikely – despite its 260 mph pace – to be a flash in the pan. With its four turbos, 16 cylinders, eight liters, and four-wheel drive, it’ll be the millionaire playboy’s choice of a getaway car, especially if a horde of zombies are on their trail. If you happen to spot one in your neighborhood, try to figure out where the owner keeps the spare key, just if they don’t last long enough into the apocalypse to use it.

Cutting edge or classic, nifty or robust, you’ll want to make an informed choice on what to drive during the end of the world. Check out this new infographic which gives the lowdown on the seven top choices.

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