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Peddle Reviews

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In our review of Peddle, we rated its car-selling services as 8.7 out of 10.0 stars for its fast sales process and good value offers.

Crash Course:

  • We named Peddle as “Best for Older Cars” in our 2024 review of the car-selling industry.
  • The company buys all types of used cars and even allows you to sell your junk car for cash.
  • Once you complete an offer, Peddle will pick your car up free of charge and give you money on the spot.

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Peddle Review
Quick & Easy
Customer Service
Instant Cash Offers
Probably not ideal for newer cars
Lower offer than selling on your own
Some customer reviews express frustration with the pick up process
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I needed to sell my 2009 Ford Ranger in a hurry not too long ago. The 4.0-liter V-6 was in good working order with a decent number of miles, and despite a few rock dings, the metallic blue paint was still shiny.

My problem? The selling process was far from hassle-free. I never look forward to haggling with people over the book value or a supposed lower price they “saw on another website.” And I couldn’t find a dealership willing to make an offer without me buying another vehicle.

Although I eventually sold my Ranger, had I known about a service like Peddle, my experience probably would’ve been much easier.

Great for Older Vehicles

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Excellent customer reviews, free vehicle removal nationwide, and fast cash. Peddle is a good choice if you’re in a time crunch or have a car with lots of miles and in less than stellar shape.

Peddle Review

Peddle earned 8.7 out of 10.0 stars in our team’s review. Also, our team gave Peddle the award of “Best for Older Cars” in our 2024 industry breakdown. The overall review score was based on cost, platform quality, transaction support, customer experience, and industry reputation. 

Peddle Ratings

As this table illustrates, Peddle performed well in the customer experience, transaction support, and industry reputation categories. Below, you can see how Peddle scored across the board:

Ratings CategoryScore
Transaction Support8.7
Customer Experience9.6
Industry Reputation9.4
Overall Rating8.7

Should I Sell My Car to Peddle?

Peddle’s industry-leading platform is the easiest way to avoid the hassle of selling your vehicle.

If you value convenience and need to sell your car fast, Peddle can be a great option, especially if you’re looking for a place to sell a used or older vehicle. The company specializes in junk cars and will take the vehicle off your hands regardless of its condition.

Though there are drawbacks to working with Peddle, the benefits you get from selling on the platform far often outweigh them. While you can find better offers elsewhere (especially for newer vehicles), few alternatives are more convenient.

Below are some pros and cons of selling your vehicle to Peddle:

Peddle ProsPeddle Cons
Quick and easyNot ideal for newer cars
Strong customer serviceLower offer than selling on your own
Instant cash offersFrustration with the free pickup process

Does Peddle Give Good Offers?

In most cases, especially with newer vehicles, you leave some money behind when opting for Peddle versus selling it yourself. Besides the fact that private car selling takes more effort, there’s no guarantee that a buyer will come knocking. Even if the miles are low on your car, dealers probably won’t pay what Kelley Blue Book (KBB) recommends unless you’re doing a trade-in.

Is Peddle a Legit Company?

Here’s what people are saying about Peddle on Trustpilot. Of the over 120,000 reviews on Trustpilot, 84% are listed as Excellent, giving it an overall score of 4.6 out of 5.0 stars. Only 8% are listed either as Average, Poor, or Bad.

Peddle BBB Reviews

With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Peddle is one of the industry’s best and most trustworthy companies. Also, Peddle has a 4.7- out of 5.0-star rating from over 6,800 BBB customers.

Peddle Customer Reviews

Overall, customer reviews from Peddle are largely positive. Even when complaints occur, Peddle representatives take their time to provide unique responses to each customer who leaves feedback.

Below are some positive and negative reviews to give you an idea of the reception to Peddle’s car-selling services:

  •  “I was going to junk the car for $150 but called and got $700.” ~ Tasha Randle (verified on 5-14-2021)
  • “After a few hiccups regarding pickup schedule, Ty stepped in at the scheduled time. I found the process to be honorable and the offer made for my car was followed up on with an integrity of professional intention: what they said, was what they did.” ~ Ken Sinclair (verified on 5-14-2021)
  • “I had a 14-year-old car with 160,000 miles and some body damage. After a dealer offered $200 as a trade-in on my new car purchase, I contacted Peddle online. In a few minutes, I was offered $1,125. They sent a truck to hand me a check and pick up the car and title. Could not have been easier.” ~ Anonymous customer (verified on 5-13-2021)
  • “I got a decent offer when most other places lowballed me. Most of the other reviews complained about the tow truck, so I was expecting some issues. My tow truck driver was supposed to show up on the 12th but did not show up till the morning of the 13th. I got my check from the tow truck driver and called Peddle’s bank to make sure there were funds available. There were, and I drove to the bank to cash the check.” ~ Justin Boulais (verified on 5-13-2021)
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What Is Peddle?

Peddle is a free, nationwide car-buying service that acquires vehicles from individual sellers via instant offers. Services like Peddle can provide convenience when selling your car.

It’s faster than a private listing, and Peddle is more willing to take a vehicle in poor condition than a dealer. You provide details on the car you wish to sell, and it comes back with an instant, no-obligation offer.

Peddle Locations

Peddle is a nationwide company, so you don’t have to live in a particular state to enjoy the benefits that Peddle brings to the car-selling industry. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, but any American is just a few clicks away from selling a vehicle to Peddle.

Selling a Car on Peddle

With Peddle, selling your car is extremely easy. After agreeing to an offer, a driver comes to your place, picks up the vehicle, and Peddle sends you payment within a few days. While you can get better offers by selling your vehicle privately, when you sell your car to a company like this, you’re “paying” for the convenience factor.

For this reason, if you have a customized vehicle with fancy aftermarket accessories, we advise removing them. According to Peddle, aftermarket upgrades have little to no impact on the cash offer.

The same goes if you recently dropped a lot of money on automotive parts. Although the parts are new and a case can be made regarding your vehicle’s long-term reliability, it’s unlikely to increase the instant offer. If you’ve recently spent time and money replacing parts on the vehicle, consider selling the car yourself.

Peddle Car Offer Example

We found a 2004 Toyota Corolla in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, on the Peddle site.

Based on the information provided, the Corolla had broken glass and lights and wouldn’t start. Otherwise, all interior components were attached and intact, as well as the exterior body panels. The mileage was listed at under 50,000.

Below, you can compare the Peddle offer with the KBB value for a 2004 Toyota Corolla with the same location and mileage:

  • Peddle offer: $890
  • *Kelley Blue Book value (fair condition): $4,000

*”Fair condition” is the poorest selling condition on KBB

The Peddle selling price and KBB value are quite different for what appears to be a somewhat similar vehicle. That said, there are a few things to take into account.

First, along with the fact that we don’t know much else about the 2004 Toyota Corolla purchased for $890, it’s difficult to determine the difference in condition between the particular vehicle sold on Peddle versus a “fair condition” vehicle on KBB.

It’s also unclear if “doesn’t start” is the same as “doesn’t drive.” A car that doesn’t start may need a simple battery change versus one that doesn’t drive and may require a new transmission (which would plummet the vehicle’s fair market value). We also need to find out the condition of the Corolla’s tires or brakes.

Does Peddle Buy Junk Cars?

Peddle will make you an offer whether your car is like new, gently loved, or a beater. The car buyers in Peddle’s network also seek out vehicles for scrap and parts. If you want to sell something with water or flood damage, a vehicle involved in an accident, or anything that would qualify as a “junk car,” Peddle is a great option. It’s one of the best services for offloading a vehicle that no one wants to buy.

How Does Peddle Pay You?

Peddle will give you a check when it picks up the vehicle. Depending on the occasion, you may receive a check by mail versus in person. Either way, the payment process is easy. There could also be instances when the Peddle driver who picks up your vehicle pays you in cash, but this is much less common than getting a check.

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Great for Older Vehicles

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Excellent customer reviews, free vehicle removal nationwide, and fast cash. Peddle is a good choice if you’re in a time crunch or have a car with lots of miles and in less than stellar shape.

Peddle Car Buying

Though less popular for direct consumers, Peddle also provides a car-buying service primarily for buyers interested in bulk purchases. After purchasing vehicles from sellers on its platform, Peddle sells the vehicles it purchases to an extensive network of dealers and salvage yards.

So, to have the ability to buy a car from Peddle, you must have the correct commercial licensing required by local or state law. You must also have a valid license to purchase vehicles from Peddle.

If you do meet the requirements, the process is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Create an account on the Peddle website
  2. Verify your eligibility
  3. Start bidding based on your specific wants and needs
  4. Arrange a pickup for any vehicles that you have purchased

How Does Peddle Work?

The process of selling a car to Peddle is very straightforward and easy to understand. Fill out a simple online form detailing your car (make, model, mileage, options, drivability, various points of possible damage), and it’ll give you a quote. If you accept, Peddle will buy the car and pay you as soon as it inspects your vehicle and picks it up.

Pro tip: It helps to know the trim level of your car. It’s even better to have the vehicle identification number (VIN).

1. Fill out the online form so Peddle can assess your vehicle

2. Wait for offers to come in

3. Accept an offer you like

4. Schedule a time to get your vehicle picked up

The Assessment

Here’s a list of things that Peddle will want to know about your vehicle:

  • Does it drive?
  • What’s the current mileage?
  • Does it have visible or noticeable body damage?
  • Are the wheels mounted and tires inflated?
  • Is there a history of flood or fire damage?
  • Have any exterior body panels come loose or been removed?
  • What’s the condition of the windshield, mirrors, and lights?
  • Are there any damaged or missing interior parts (radio, seats, air bags, etc.)?
  • Have exterior parts like the catalytic converter been removed ?

Pro tip: The more information you have available about your vehicle, the more accurate the cash offer will be. Make sure to double-check everything on the list above.

After submitting this information, you’ll receive a cash offer. You can accept the money right away or “leave it on the table” for up to seven days. Here’s how the process works, depending on which option you choose.

Shop Around

Once you get an offer from Peddle, you have up to seven days to think about it and shop around for other offers. You can still get another offer after that, but there’s no guarantee that the price will be the same.

Accept Your Instant Offer

The process is pretty straightforward once you accept a quote. You can choose to have a tow company pick up your vehicle at home, or you can drive it to a specified dropoff location. Either way, the towing service will meet you free of charge. Upon arrival, the driver will inspect your vehicle and check to make sure that the title is signed.

Schedule Your Pickup

If you decide to sell to Peddle, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule a pickup time that works for you. The process is entirely online, which makes it easy to compare available time slots against your own calendar.

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Car transporter / Peddle review
According to Peddle, every carrier it works with goes through an extensive background check and application process. Reviews: The Bottom Line

In the end, Peddle and similar car-buying services are best when you need to quickly get rid of a vehicle or want the money sooner rather than later. If you need to find another home for a junk car collecting rust at your place, then Peddle is the way to go. If you own a newer make and model with very few miles on it, you may want to consider Carvana. Overall, however, Peddle is a more convenient way to sell an older car than going about the process yourself.

Great for Older Vehicles

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0

Excellent customer reviews, free vehicle removal nationwide, and fast cash. Peddle is a good choice if you’re in a time crunch or have a car with lots of miles and in less than stellar shape.

Wheelzy vs. Peddle

If you want to “shop around” while trying to sell your car, we recommend taking a look at Wheelzy. Its service is similar in that it’s ideal for getting rid of a car right away. Like Peddle, Wheelzy will make you an instant cash offer and pick up your vehicle. Peddle and Wheelzy operate in all states and across all ZIP codes, so it’s worth getting a quote from both before selling your car.

While we can’t say for sure who would give you the best cash offer, Peddle may have the advantage in terms of customer satisfaction. As of this writing, Wheelzy holds an F rating from the BBB. Peddle, however, is accredited and has been since 2013. The company also holds an A+ rating with 4.7 out of 5.0 possible stars based on customer reviews.

For some, accreditation and high marks from the BBB may not mean anything. However, with car-buying services that make instant cash offers like this, we consider it an extra layer of “good faith” when doing business.

Peddle: FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about selling a car to Peddle:

Is Peddle legit?

Yes, Peddle is legit and not a scam. As of this writing, Peddle has over 120,000 reviews on Trustpilot with a 4.6-star rating. Of those reviews, 84% are listed as Excellent. Peddle’s A+ rating from the BBB also supports the legitimacy of this car-buying service.

How long does it take to get an offer?

On average, Peddle will contact you within 48 hours of accepting your instant offer.

What does Peddle do with your car?

When Peddle buys a car from you it will resell the vehicle to either a car dealer, a junkyard, or a scrapyard.

Do I need my car title?

You’ll want to make sure that the car title is signed and notarized, if required. You can sell your car to Peddle even if it’s registered in a different state. For additional questions, see this helpful state-by-state guide on what to do with your title before selling the car to Peddle.

I accidentally left something in my car. Can I get it back?

According to Peddle, some carriers process your vehicle as soon as they pick it up. If that’s the case, your items may no longer be available. Either way, you should reach out to the carrier as soon as possible.

Does Peddle pay cash?

As stated above, Peddle will typically give you a check for your vehicle; however, there are instances when the Peddle driver will hand you cash instead. This is rare because drivers usually want to avoid driving around with large amounts of money in their trucks.

Does Peddle pay what they offer?

Peddle will always pay you precisely what is offered. If the money you received doesn’t match what you saw online, call the Peddle phone number right away at 877-586-5692.

Where can I cash a Peddle check?

You can cash a Peddle check wherever checks are accepted. Peddle will typically give you a standard check that can be cashed anywhere.

Our Methodology

In order to help people make informed decisions about where and how to sell their cars, our expert review team is committed to providing precise, accurate, and objective information. For our research, we evaluated each company on the same criteria across the following categories:

  • Cost: Our team conducted a secret shopper study to assess the offering prices of each provider. We also considered any fees or additional costs charged by companies during transactions.
  • Platform: We evaluated each provider’s online platform, rating them based on ease of use, speed, and available options. 
  • Transaction Support: Because there are many other steps involved in selling a car online beyond simply listing it and accepting an offer, our team evaluated companies based on their support for transactions, such as whether they require a seller to travel for an in-person evaluation, if they manage loan payoffs, and more.
  • Customer Experience: We scoured online reviews on websites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Trustpilot in order to gauge the opinions and experiences of real customers. Our team used proprietary metrics to normalize ratings across the industry in order to assess customer sentiment in context.
  • Industry Reputation: To assess their standing within the auto sales industry, we considered each company’s rating with the BBB along with its years of service. We evaluated these factors using proprietary metrics to get a more accurate representation of specific company reputations compared to industry norms.

*Data accurate at time of publication.

Peddle Buy or Sell My Car
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Peddle earned 8.7 out of 10.0 stars in our team’s review. Also, our team gave Peddle the award of “Best for Older Cars” in our 2023 industry breakdown. The overall review score was based on cost, platform quality, transaction support, customer experience, and industry reputation.

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