Jaguar Ultimate XKR Special Edition

Jaguar Unveils Ultimate XKR Special Edition

Ahhhh, tasty! What we have here is the just unveiled Ultimate XKR Special Edition. Of course, my first thought was “Why no pics of it in BRG? Don’t these Brits have any sense of history?” but it sure looks good in either blue or white, no?

The New 2011 XKR is the latest generation of Jaguar’s award-winning XKR sports coupe. The 2011 XKR features new Special Edition model and two optional performance and styling options, or packs, as the Brits like to call them. There’s the optional Black Pack for “added visual impact”, and the optional Speed Pack for a “significantly” increased maximum speed. The XKR Special Edition combines both packs in one car to, as Jaguar puts it, “create the ultimate supercharged sports coupe.”

All 2011 Model Year XKRs feature the 5.0-liter supercharged AJ-V8 Gen III R direct-injection engine that delivers 510bhp and 625Nm of torque. That’s enough to scoot the XKR coupe to 60mph in just 4.6 seconds. If you go with the Speed Pack option, the maximum velocity of the XKR is raised from 155mph to an electronically limited 174mph thanks to recalibration of the engine management system. Boo electronically limiting, boo!

The new Black Pack option allows customers ” … to create a bold, extrovert XKR.” Uh-oh, sounds like the marketing department wrote this up after their three martini lunch, huh? The Black Pack option gets you gloss black 20-inch Kalimnos alloy wheels which Jag describe as being “dramatic”. You also get gloss black finish to the front air grilles and gloss black finish side Power Vents and red brake calipers. The bold, extrovert XKR option also comes with a body-colored front chin spoiler and larger rear spoiler (dubbed the aerodynamic pack) and if you want, Jag will throw in the ‘XKR’ body side graphic along the lower sills.

2011 Jaguar Ultimate XKR Special Edition

All 2011 XKRs come with a six-speed automatic transmission, which Jaguar refers to as being “State-of-the-art”. I hope so, since the lack of either a manual or a semi-auto box is disappointing. The six-speed automatic transmission has seamless gearshifts, they say, and there’s also an advanced Active Differential Control and Adaptive Dynamics suspension system on board to further optimize traction and handling.

But at least Jag has remembered to keep the body aluminum. They state that the ” … aluminum body architecture is strong and lightweight and the key to maximizing the car’s performance, dynamic agility, competitive CO2 emissions and fuel economy.” And right they surely are. Great stuff that aluminum. Speaking of CO2 emissions, the 2011 XKR has improved CO2 emissions performance, complying with Euro Stage V requirements two years ahead of legislative obligations and the fuel economy comparable to the previous 4.2-liter XKR engine.

The new XKR Special Edition with Speed and Black Packs is unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show on March 4th, 2010.

Photos: Jaguar