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Can The Ford Raptor Take On Santa’s Sleigh? You Might Be Surprised

  • Is the 2019 Ford Raptor more capable than Santa’s sleigh?
  • A comparison chart from provides some insight.
  • The Raptor is as tough as they come but can anything top St. Nick’s sled? 

As we speak, Santa is preparing for his yearly journey around the world, stopping at every house along the way. The only evidence of his visit are the missing cookies, empty glass of milk and, of course, a tree surrounded by presents. Kids this year will hide under their covers, pretending they are asleep in hopes they will hear Rudolph and company land on the roof.

Some adults may even do the same.

You’re never too old to believe in miracles.

Secret Formulas & Worthy Challengers

Year after year, Santa gets it done. But what’s his secret? We know it’s not good diet and exercise. Perhaps it’s a youthful elixir? Or the joy of being married for many years to Mrs. Claus? Or maybe, the secret is Santa’s sleigh being among the most powerful muscle “cars” in history.

To make such a journey in one night, you would need a truly fast machine. It’s unlikely any vehicle today could match the tinsel-powered, candy cane-colored gift-hauler that is Santa’s sleigh. Just recently, the 2018 Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE came close, but still couldn’t best Santa’s hot rod.

Now the 2019 Ford Raptor is jockeying for position.

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Photo: Ford Motor Company.

Setting The Stage

A new comparison chart from shows what happens when the 2019 Ford Raptor gets in the ring with Santa’s Sleigh. Breaking down the specs of each vehicle, the team at found themselves with two solid competitors on their hands. At first, it seemed as if Santa’s sleigh had it in the bag (no pun intended) but the Raptor clawed its way back (also no pun intended).

“This new generation of Raptor has lost a few hundred pounds, adapts to terrain changes, and has a Trail Control system,” said Don Heelon, Parts Manager at “It can crawl where necessary, race through deserts and highways, plow through snow, and even fly, if only for a second.”

Climbing & Scaling

The 2019 Ford Raptor makes use of its electronically-controlled, Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks with LIVE Valve Technology. The Trail Control system automatically adjusts power and braking force to each wheel. The system feeds engine torque to the wheels for climbing, braking them eventually (and individually) for a smooth trip down the other side.

Trail Control works between one and 20 mph, depending on the driveline position.

This means the Raptor climbs up the side of your house, to your chimney, then back down again with ease.

Raptor Rock Crawl GIF

Cookies & Reindeer Versus Fuel & Horses

Raptor wins in fuel economy too. The truck’s 3.5-liter EcoBoost nets 15/18 mpg city/highway versus Santa’s sleigh which requires one to two cookies per house! I’m sure Santa’s doctors caution him about his cholesterol, or at least we hope. Also, there are no exact figures on how much milk the sleigh needs (still waiting to hear from the North Pole) but we figure a glass per house, minimum.

And if we’re talking engine and transmission? The Ford Raptor sticks it to Santa’s sleigh with 450 horses which, by comparison, is powered by only nine reindeer. The Raptor has a 10-speed automatic, much more agreeable than trying to direct those ornery reindeer around the world on a chilly Christmas Eve.

So the Raptor seems to have this one. However . . . .

Designed & Engineered In The North Pole

Someone taught the elves how to build toys, so it follows that St. Nick is a tremendous engineer. Although true the Ford Raptor will catch air off-road, Santa’s sled is actually riding in the air. Ford trucks do tout their payload capacity, yet not even Dearborn’s mightiest can out haul the North Pole’s finest.

Ford trucks can certainly move your adult toys like a speed boat, but Santa’s sled hauls a boatload of toys with impressive speed. And just how fast is Santa’s sleigh? pegs the zero to 60 time as 1/32 of a millisecond. The Raptor? 5.1 seconds.

No contest.

family enjoying christmas 96GVDL4
The Ford Raptor might catch some air, some of the time, but Santa’s sleigh is always in the air.

Tough Breaks For The Ford Raptor

The comparison chart from is below, with one you can share on social media here. Santa’s sleigh wins for now, but we anticipate the Raptor will try again next year. If that’s the case, Santa must overhaul his sleigh once this holiday season passes. The pressure is on.

For now it’s a tough break for the Raptor. However, there is some consolation for truck fans hoping St. Nick will swap his ride.

“If Santa had to travel on the ground, he’d want a Ford Raptor,” Heelon said.

Enjoy the comparison chart. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. He studies mechanical engineering at Wayne State University, serves on the Board of Directors for the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation, and is a loyal Detroit Lions fan.

2019 Ford Raptor vs Santa's Sleigh

2019 Ford Raptor Photos: Ford Motor Company.