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This Special McLaren 720S Is A Blue Beauty

Like many other high-end car manufacturers, McLaren has its own in-house custom shop. It’s called McLaren Special Operations, or MSO, and it is responsible for creating customized versions of the British company’s already impressive cars. Bespoke, to use the veddy, veddy British term.

Deep Blue Something

The McLaren 720S in Atlantic Blue by MSO takes the deepest of deep blue paint the Woking outfit could come up with and combines it with a classic Saddle Tan leather interior. I’ve got to say the result is very easy on the eyes. McLaren says the Atlantic Blue really shows off the “shrink-wrapped” design of the 720S, a car noted for its aerodynamics, smoothly sculpted surfaces, and double-hinged dihedral doors.

The McLaren 720S in Atlantic Blue was commissioned for the Geneva International Motor Show as a showcase for MSO’s bespoke craftsmanship and range of personalization choices. MSO’s capabilities include developing special materials, finishes, colors, and trim pieces, providing specific aerodynamic and lightweight components, and crafting entire one-off cars.

McLaren 720S in Atlantic Blue by MSO 1
Photo: McLaren Automotive.


This particular Atlantic Blue McLaren 720S is the second in the company’s Super Series that marries supercar performance with a glut of luxury and convenience features in the glass-enclosed, teardrop-shaped cockpit. The McLaren 720S focuses entirely on the driving experience thanks to its use of aerodynamics, proactive suspension control, carbon-fiber construction, and a very potent 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8.

Thanks to that plant, the McLaren 720S puts out 720PS (as its name implies, but that translates to 710 bhp in American measurements) and can deliver a top speed of 212 mph. 62 mph comes up in a quick 2.9 seconds. And this is no performance stripper either. Heated electric seats, keyless entry, soft-close doors, cruise control, electrically-adjustable steering column, and a climate control system are all standard features.

McLaren 720S in Atlantic Blue by MSO 6
Photo: McLaren Automotive.

Further Modifications

Since MSO rightly thinks the typical owner will want their ride to be suitable for both track driving and everyday usability, the Atlantic Blue McLaren 720S comes with the McLaren Track Telemetry and camera system. This is for enjoyment on the track naturally, but it’s practical with its 360-degree Park Assist system. The sensors and cameras will help you out in crowded city driving environments. The car also comes with a vehicle lift to avoid damage over ramps, speed bumps, steep(ish) driveways, and the like. There is a Bowers & Wilkins 12-speaker audio system in there too.


How much, you ask? Well, customized, er bespoke stuff don’t come cheap, chaps, and in the case of this McLaren 720S in Atlantic Blue, that means £281,260, or right around $400,000 green back dollars.

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Photos & Source: McLaren Automotive.