McLaren 570S Push Sports Car Prototype Side

This McLaren Is Technically For Kids, But We Want One Anyway

We can all recall times when we wanted to grow up in a hurry. We had those moments when we thought adults got to have all the fun, and naturally, when we arrived at adulthood, we were going to take full advantage of such freedoms. Now that we are adults . . . well, let’s just say taking naps are usually met with an open embrace.

Count the McLaren 570S Step2 Push Sports Car, something meant for children, in the same category. This mini-racer is just as much fun for us adults as it is for our kiddos.

Cool Kids

McLaren Automotive has teamed with The Step2 Company, a North American toy manufacturer, to create something special for families. The 570S Step2 Push Sports Car is, for kids, a way to inspire the imagination – in fact, the little cruiser makes a host of electronic sounds to give children the full experience of going fast. For us older folks, it’s a way to enjoy a leisurely stroll with our loved ones while still looking like the “cool parents.” Just as any machine in the McLaren lineup is a departure from ordinary transportation, the 570S Step2 Push Sports Car is a bit more exciting than the average stroller.

McLaren 570S Step2 Push Sports Car

Shared Vision, Inspired Design

Step2 and McLaren Automotive have similar visions: for example, McLaren is recognized as pioneering carbon fiber technology – used in all its cars since 1981 – Ohio-based Step2 is recognized as pioneering the “push car.” Like McLaren knows the automotive enthusiast, Step2 knows parents and families; it’s amazing how many times parents and automotive enthusiasts are one and the same.

Designers from both companies worked together to replicate the essence of the real 570S. Some of the most interesting design aspects include Step2’s Whisper Wheels, which provide a smoother ride. Along with the aforementioned electronic sounds, the flat-based steering wheel is nimble and responsive. The storage area under the seat is for snacks, a smartphone, or first aid kit, while multiple cup holders allow parents to always have bottled water handy.

Pricing & Availability

The new McLaren 570S Push Sports Car, officially licensed by Step2, will be available exclusively through Amazon in September before rolling out later this year at other global retailers. The first color offered is Ventura Orange; price is $79.99.

Carl Anthony is Managing Editor of Automoblog and resides in Detroit, Michigan. 

Photos & Source: McLaren Automotive.