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Tesla Reports $40 Million In Advance Sales For Model X

How cool is it to be able to report sales and deposit figures for a car that isn’t even on the market yet? Tesla has proved to be a master of this, reporting to the media figures for the Model S and now Model X crossover. It’s an unusual practice in the automotive industry to have a large-scale pre-release deposit program. Then again, since when has Tesla ever been a “usual” company?

Never. For Tesla it is an important way to garner attention, and it is a self-fulfilling prophesy. The more these get reported the more people jump on the bandwagon. They are good at this – Model X was the third most searched term online after its introduction, and traffic to Tesla’s website was up 2800 percent.

The Model X crossover debuted about a week ago, and it looks very promising. The Model S goes on sale this year, but the X won’t be delivered until 2014. Even so, Tesla expects the Model X to best the Model S in yearly sales figures. That is something we predicted before we ever heard anything from Tesla – and now, based on reservations it has already come true. It is selling quicker than the Model S – without any car ever rolling out of the factory yet.

Tesla Model X 1

Tesla has logged over 500 reservations for the Model X in a four-day period since the car’s launch. The Model S hasn’t even entered production and people are plunking down serious amount of cash. These numbers are indicative that the market really expects Tesla to deliver on its promises.

The dollar amount of reservations checks in at $40 million. Pretty amazing. $5,000 gets you a place in line for the standard production car, while an eye-popping $40,000 gets you a place in line for the first-run Signature edition.

There’s more though – while some people switched their S reservations to the X, Model S reservations were up 30 percent as well. We’ve got to hand it to Tesla, they’re managing this brilliantly so far. These two cars have so much promise. The Model S can’t get here soon enough – it and the Cadillac ATS are the two launches we are most excited about this year.