These Photoshops of The Tesla Cybertruck Are Just Too Good

There’s no doubt, the Tesla Cybertruck is one of the more polarizing concepts to come out of the automotive industry in a long time. It’s created some of the funniest memes out of any car since . . . well . . . since I can remember.

Love it or hate it (and there are plenty of people on both sides), you’ll definitely get a kick out of some of these Photoshops and renderings fans have made.

From a version of the Cybertruck that looks like it came out of Gotham City as Batman’s new Batmobile, to some Outrun/Synthwave-style renders, to a Cybertruck that Clark Griswold would drive.

Flip through the slideshow above or click on the gallery below, and feel free to share your own Tesla Cybertruck fan art with us on Twitter.