TadiBrothers Buyer’s Guide: Full 360-Degree Camera Systems, Parking Sensors & More (2024)

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TadiBrothers Buyer’s Guide: Quick Summary

  • This guide provides a brief but comprehensive overview of three popular TadiBrothers products: 360-degree camera systems, parking sensors, and backup camera kits.  
  • The 360-degree and backup camera systems can run continuously as you drive, while the 360-degree system allows you to record the surroundings of your vehicle 24/7 for increased security. 
  • Parking sensor systems come in different configurations, including wired and wireless. An optional display screen illuminates as you near an object.  
  • Every product has a detailed installation manual, including QR codes that take you to setup videos. TadiBrothers also has a nationwide network of qualified installers.     
  • TadiBrothers provides a one-year warranty, and extended protection plans are available. 

TadiBrothers Flagship Offerings

360-degree camera systems, parking sensors, and backup camera kits are among the most popular products offered by TadiBrothers today.

360-Degree Truck Camera System
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Fits all trucks, from midsize to half-ton, and HD models from the Big Three.

Complete Parking Sensor System
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Provides audible and visual alerts, front and rear, to notify you of pedestrians or objects.

License Plate Backup Camera System
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Features a 120-degree viewing angle, a wireless range of 70 feet, and military-grade night vision.

TadiBrothers: Company Overview 

Before putting this guide together, we met with Tamir Elghanayan, the founder of TadiBrothers. The focus of those meetings was to better understand the three product categories outlined below: 360-degree camera systems, parking sensors, and backup camera kits. We also wanted to understand TadiBrothers as a company overall, including their mission, customer service, and manufacturing process.   

Brief History

Elghanayan started the company in 2003, selling car electronics such as radios, CD players, and DVD systems. The company later expanded into RV backup cameras and other wireless backup camera systems.

“We have had a lot of R&D to make sure we create a solid product that lasts the life of the vehicle,” Elghanayan told VoyageLA in 2017. “Basically, vehicle safety is our number one goal. After hard work and final tweaks, we are very happy and stand behind what we sell.” 

At one point, in the very early days of the company in Los Angeles, Elghanayan was even selling belt buckles, a story he fondly recalled on the Changing Minds podcast with Owen Fitzpatrick.

Presence In Heavy-Use Industries

Today, TadiBrothers supplies its camera and sensor systems to numerous industries, including mining, aerospace, rail, and shipping and logistics (FedEx specifically). The United States military, law enforcement agencies, and any organization with a fleet of heavy trucks can leverage the company’s anti-explosion cameras, which come with bulletproof casings and night vision technology. 

That robust engineering extends to everyday products. For example, the cameras of the 360-degree and backup systems outlined below have an operating temperature range of negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly 300 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Manufacturing & Customer Service 

TadiBrothers has complete, end-to-end control over its manufacturing and customer service processes. On the manufacturing side, it means defects are caught early and changes implemented quickly. On the customer service side, it means U.S.-based tech support with a live technician, not a third-party operator with a script. 

Customer Reviews

In 2024, TadiBrothers holds a stellar 4.9 rating (Excellent) on Trustpilot. Here are some recent five-star reviews:    

  • We just made our purchase online and were having a difficult time, however the chat service was very beneficial and John on the chat was able to guide me through, had some issues with the computer. So he had a customer service call me directly and placed the order over the phone. This was very simple process. Once we have the camera installed will update a product review but for service both Team members were very kind and helpful. Thank you. ~ Stuart 
  • I bought a system and had an issue. I contacted Gabe at customer service and he took care of my issues. great customer service Gabe! ~ Scott Whiteford
  • Rose was so patient with me trying to find the right device for my dad’s RV. Extremely informative about products! ~ Hadley Belk 
  • I was so impressed with Sherwin at Tadi Brothers. He was a great help in getting me a larger monitor for the RV 4-camera system that I recently purchased from Tadi Brothers. Great system, and great customer service! ~ Angie Snodgrass
  • I had a bad Furrion Camera System that has been used on two different RV’s and they never worked correctly always breaking down at the worst time. I was talking to Gabriel at Tadibrothers about the problem and he helped me so much that I decided to upgrade to a Tadibrothers advanced system. ~ Tom G.

360-degree camera systems, parking sensors, and backup camera systems are among the most popular products offered by TadiBrothers today. Here is a brief but comprehensive look at each. 

360-Degree Truck Camera Systems 

Four Powerful Cameras

The 360-degree truck camera system increases situational awareness regardless of the application, from a casual road trip to more rugged environments like farming or construction. Four separate 1080p cameras—one for the rear license plate, one for the front grille, and two mirror-mounted side cameras—work together to produce a bird’s-eye (or done-style) view of your truck.

Different from a standard OEM offering, this system can stay on the entire time you are driving, showing the footage on the included seven-inch monitor as you go.

3D Surround View Stitching

When researching 360-degree camera systems from TadiBrothers, you may see the terms “stitching” and “drone view.” These refer to how the four cameras use the immediate area around your truck and stitch it together. Essentially, the system merges (or stitches) each camera feed to produce the drone view and eliminate blind spots. On the seven-inch LCD screen, it will appear as if a personal drone is following your truck from above.

The drone-style view provides an additional safety layer when maneuvering through a jam-packed parking lot with pedestrians or a busy job site with co-workers. Likewise, the drone view reduces the chances of accidentally hitting another vehicle or object, preventing downtime on your truck and a collision repair bill. 

Trigger Views

During installation, you can set the 360-degree camera system to “trigger” its view based on your turn signal. When you activate your blinker, you will see the drone-style view on the seven-inch screen, with emphasis on either the left or right side of your truck, according to which way you are turning. 

The video below shows how the 360-degree camera system works on an RV, although the functionality is the same for your truck.

Rearview Camera for Towing

If you tow a large camper or trailer, the optional fifth camera that mounts to the back of your trailer will serve as a dedicated rearview monitor. The seven-inch LCD display has a second channel for the trailer camera, meaning you can switch back and forth between the four-camera system’s drone view and the trailer camera. You can also see both simultaneously via a split-screen view.   

As a bonus, this TadiBrothers multi-camera system doubles as a dash cam with a sentinel mode that monitors your truck 24/7. The surround-view footage is saved to an SD card (sold separately) that is inserted into the camera system’s DVR brain. 

If you have more than one truck equipped with this 360-degree camera system, the seven-inch monitor can be moved easily between them with a TadiBrothers cigarette lighter adapter.

360-Degree Truck Camera System
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Drone-style view projects onto the seven-inch LCD screen to eliminate blind spots.

Changes the camera feed based on your blinker for increased visibility while turning.

Sentinel mode monitors your truck 24/7.

Parking Sensor Systems 

System Styles

Parking sensor systems from TadiBrothers offer plenty of flexibility and customization. As a general overview, there are two primary configurations, wired and wireless, with two alert styles: a lighted display with sound or sound only. On the main parking sensors page, you can select your preference under the “System Style” tab. 

Audible Tones & Visual Display

You can opt for rear parking sensors only or both the front and rear. If you have the latter, you will receive one set of audible tones for front-sensing and another for rear-sensing. The TadiBrothers system will audibly alert you to an object eight feet away, flatlining at a few inches. 

If you have a system with a visual display, a series of illuminated lights shows how close you are to the object, either front or rear, with red being the flatlining (i.e., very close) color.

Mounting & Installation

Most mount the speaker for the audible alerts under the seat or dashboard, while the visual display is usually positioned above the rearview mirror. TadiBrothers includes plenty of slack for the cabling if you have a larger or longer vehicle or have a different preference for mounting the speaker and display.  

In the wireless setup, there is no cable between the sensor brain and the speaker or display, which may be beneficial if you have specific installation requirements or the aforementioned longer or larger vehicle. Since the brain has an integrated transmitter, it remotely sends the proximity signals to the speaker and visual display to let you know how close you are to an object.

Four types of parking sensors are available, depending on your needs: 

  • Standard plastic 
  • Under the bumper 
  • Flat stick-on (can be reinforced with drilling) 
  • Rubber (ideal for vehicles with metal bumpers)   

Sensors can be mixed and matched, as each one is compatible with the other. An assortment of colors is available for each sensor type. 

Parking Sensor Systems
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Wired and wireless options, with two alert styles: lighted display with sound or sound only.

Four types of interchangeable sensors are available.

Begins alerting to an object in your path at up to eight feet away.

License Plate Backup Camera 

Viewing Angle & Range

This TadiBrothers system is designed for any vehicle considered a daily driver. The rear license plate frame houses the full-color HD camera, which provides a 120-degree viewing angle, a wireless range of 70 feet, and military-grade night vision.

You see everything the camera sees, day or night, in the seven-inch LCD screen that clips over the rearview mirror. When the camera is not in use, the screen functions as a standard rearview mirror.

Continuous Feed

Unlike a traditional OEM backup camera, systems from TadiBrothers can be configured to activate only while in reverse or stay on the entire time. To maximize the functionality of the latter configuration, consider adding a front camera. The seven-inch rearview mirror screen has a second channel with RCA inputs, meaning it will accommodate a second camera on a continuous feed.

You can switch back and forth between the front and rear cameras via a button on the rearview mirror monitor. The continuous feed increases visibility while changing lanes or driving through a crowded parking lot, as you can always see where you are in relation to vehicles, pedestrians, or other objects.

Progressive Night Vision

All backup camera systems have progressive, military-grade night vision, meaning the night vision feature becomes more pronounced as the environment becomes darker. This makes TadiBrothers systems well-suited for rural roads where streetlights may be limited or absent. Running the camera feed continuously as you drive through such areas at night can help your visibility. 

License Plate Backup Camera w/ Rearview Mirror Monitor
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Full-color HD camera provides a 120-degree viewing angle and a wireless range of 70 feet.

Continuous feed increases visibility while changing lanes or maneuvering through a crowded parking lot.

Features progressive, military-grade night vision technology.

Upgrades & Additional Systems

Other upgrades, in addition to the front camera, include a nine-inch rearview mirror screen, a wider camera viewing angle of up to 170 degrees, and reverse gridlines, which can be switched on or off as needed. The Bluetooth upgrade lets you use the speakers in the mirror for your phone, either for making calls or streaming music or podcasts.

Below are three other backup camera kits designed according to a particular use case. They include a fifth-wheel rearview camera system, a commercial-grade option, and a digital wireless backup camera system that can support up to four cameras.

TadiBrothers Backup Camera Systems

Standard with a one-year warranty. Factory trained technicians can assist with setup and installation.

Fifth Wheel System
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Wireless 5th wheel observation system fits any truck and trailer.

Commercial Grade
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1080P AHD system is an ideal rearview solution for work trucks.

Digital Wireless System
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Full-color LCD screen supports up to four cameras with night vision.

TadiBrothers Buyer’s Guide Conclusion

TadiBrothers has made a name for itself by selling RV backup camera systems and other full-video and rearview safety solutions. Based on product specifications and Trustpilot reviews, TadiBrothers has some of the best backup camera systems on the market.

In this buyer’s guide, we focused on three specific products: 360-degree camera systems, parking sensors, and backup camera kits. We hope the above information has been helpful as you research different systems from TadiBrothers.

If you have additional questions after reading this guide, we recommend contacting a customer service technician from TadiBrothers.

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