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Six Funny and Ridiculous Street Signs

Funny comes in all shapes and sizes; just ask Danny DeVito and Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias. It’s in your TV shows, commercials, and hidden under every banana peel.

Funny is everywhere except a mortician’s office and in legal paperwork. Even then, sometimes something funny can slip through the cracks and wind up on an official traffic sign or safety sign.

Work is stressful and humorless enough, but when you tack on all of the safety signs telling you what to do, it can drive you nuts.

Hopefully these funny signs will help break up the tension and give you some good ideas for hanging new signs in the office.

1. Don’t Even Think of Parking Here

Dont even think about parking here

Some signs are too funny to be true, but “Don’t Even Think About Parking Here” signs were actually official New York City parking signs in the 1980’s! They’ve got that New York attitude that stops drivers dead in their tracks and as far as effectiveness, fuhgeddaboudit!

You can actually buy a similar “Don’t even think about parking here” sign for you own parking space / spot on the sofa at home.

2. Is That Clear? Maybe Not…

Keep Claer

There’s a lot to be said about taking your time to get a job right, but the person who painted this road in the UK hasn’t heard any of it. One thing that is clear about this – the value of a high school diploma.

3. Wait, is this a double-negative?

do not do not enter

Do not Enter…wait, it’s Do not – Do not Enter, so, that means we shouldn’t not enter, right?

I meant I guess have to now.

4. Stop. No, go. Wait!

stop no stopping

If you’re a lawyer, your first though at these signs is entrapment. The rest of us just think, “Gee, thanks bureaucracy!”

Wouldn’t it just have been easier to put up a yield sign instead?

5. What the…how do I even…

crazy roundabouts

Honestly this looks more like a diagram of a car’s differential than a street sign.

Only in the UK could this be a real thing and there not be multiple accidents a day on this road.

6. Stop feeling so blue

Blue stop sign

Aww, it’s ok stop sign, things will get better soon. Stop feeling so blue.

There’s no shortage of ridiculous and funny street signs out there. Feel free to show us some of your favorites in the comments below.

  1. Really quite funny and
    interesting information is provided by you. I understand the meaning of all except
    the fifth one i.e. what the…how do I even…actually I am not unable to
    understand the sign as well.

    1. “can’t understand the sign as well” – exactly! It’s a confusing road sign in the UK meant to explain the round-about system but it’s quite confusing.

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