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Semi Truck Warranty

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Commercial Truck Warranty

Trucks are meant to move from point A to point B and carry things as wells. When you’re purchasing these trucks, you need a form of a truck warranty, and at this point, if the truck is new, you get factory coverage. So, when this coverage expires, extended truck warranties can cover your repair when there is a failure in the truck.

Owning a truck might be easy, but challenges come with how one can maintain it. This has led to the introduction of an aftermarket semi truck warranty to cater for expenses out of factory warranty. Aftermarket warranties focus on repairing the internal parts of the truck saving the high cost of buying spares.

It’s a significant investment to consider if there is an emergency and repairs that will need to be done. All truck owners need to have these kinds of warranties. If you’re thinking about what you need to know before getting a commercial truck warranty, this article will guide you to get more information.

Here is what you need to know.

Why You Need A Truck Warranty

There are few options available for warranties whenever you purchase a new truck. The truck center upholds the OEM warranties which the brand offers. For the first 24 months after the purchase, the standard OEM warranty will cover most repairs.

You can find insurance from the middlemen, which will act as an aftermarket semi truck warranty. Purchasing an aftermarket warranty could ensure you are not stuck with repair costs, although it comes with an additional cost.

Non-Commercial Extended Truck Warranty

When you’re driving heavy commercial trucks, this truck has many moving parts to keep the truck working. After purchasing a truck, the dealer might incline you to get whichever warranty they may recommend. Besides, the truck owners get all repairs made using OEM parts when they have a dealer-backed warranty program.

It’s essential to note that most manufacturers cover up to 100 000 miles, while third parties can cover twice or more. The third party has many choices and added benefits if you, the truck owner, might consider. Some of these choices include:

  • Powertrain plus: it covers systems like A/C and electrical.
  • Powertrain: it’s meant to cover the drivetrain, engine, and transmission.
  • Exclusionary coverage: covers most of the parts, and it resembles a bumper-to-bumper warranty.
  • Highest stated component coverage covers most parts of the truck system.

Protect Your Fleet With Warranties

Maintenances and servicing of the heavy-duty truck can be challenging as it requires one to use more money. However, you can prevent such losses by taking advantage of commercial truck warranties for the old heavy-duty trucks and new ones. To identify errors in some parts, you need to perform a failure analysis. Some of the areas include:

  • Vehicle inspection: for a particular vehicle, performing failure analysis could show the part that is not strong enough. In such a way, different components will be ordered in the future by the operation.
  • Mechanic training: the technician errors that include lack of attention to certain parts or mistakes concerning the repair can be through failure analysis.
  • Preventive maintenance: check whether the operations intervals are correct to avoid causing failure. The schedules would need adjustment if the loss were due to waiting too long between appointments.
  • Drive training: more driver training is needed to prevent more issues if the failure analysis shows that the driver error contributed to the failure.

New Commercial Truck Warranty

In addition to optional aftermarket commercial truck warranties, you will get the OEM warranty whenever you purchase a new truck. If you feel that the OEM warranty is too restrictive, you will need to get an aftermarket warranty on a new semi-truck or if you need to meet the likely mileage quickly.

Some aftermarket plans offer coverage in the event of poor maintenance and allow more comprehensive coverage. Expensive repairs will not sink your fleet finances in case of an accident. Always be ready if there is an emergency in your new truck to avoid the extra cost of repairing.

Used Commercial Truck Warranties

The semi truck warranty cost is the only option for pre-owned trucks in recent times. All maintenance and repairs for pre-owned trucks were up to the owner since the OEM warranties can only apply to new vehicles. However, you can get a commercial truck warranty that comes straight from the brand rather than on a middle man. With such warranties, you can shop for your truck if you meet the company’s standards.

Advantages Of Third-Party Extended Warranties

As you think of purchasing a semi truck warranty cost, it is essential to review the extended car warranty reviews before proceeding. Before you buy, it would help to find out each company’s prices and how they respond to their customers. This type of warranty should take place immediately after your original manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Third-Party Extended Warranties gives everyone who owns a truck peace of mind as it covers any emergencies that you might face. Always focus on fine print if you have a new car from the dealer to determine how exactly the cover will benefit you as the owner. There are many pros than cons to such types of warranties. These include:

  • The truck owner saves on the amount of repairing the truck in case of breakdown.
  • If it’s the cost to repair your vehicle, the owner will feel like selling the truck, but you will likely keep the car instead of selling if you have the warranty.
  • Warranty allows you to customize your protection according to your desired plans.

Best Commercial Truck Warranty

Comparing warranties from two different providers is sometimes challenging. This is because the definition of a comprehensive warranty might be different from such companies. It would be best if you see what the covered components entail by reading the fine prints.

 It would be best to be more careful when dealing with heavy truck warranties since a misunderstanding can put you on the wrong side of the sudden repair.

The best commercial truck warranty has a cash flow to handle such a crisis, and it’s always pretty significant for the business. If you have a question about the coverage, the best warranties will provide contact information and list the range.

When you go in for repairs, it’s common to pay for the deductible fee whether the plan is from the manufacturer or a third party. You need to pick between the amounts that will influence the cost of your plan and deductible amounts. When choosing deductible amounts, you need to keep this in mind:

  • Find a good middle ground.
  • You might end up paying back the savings if the deductible is too high.
  • There is a rise in the cost of the plan if the deductible is low.

The same applies to non-commercial truck warranties since it might save you money, but you will pay back those savings in just four repairs.


While taking warranty, check company transparency, account coverage, pricing, customer satisfaction, and rating. Remember to view the terms of each contract if it meets your desires. We recommend the truck owner do more research concerning the warranty and compare quotes to find the best coverage. Take advantage of the above tips to make your decision during shopping for a truck warranty.