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Bite-Size Podcast: Words of Encouragement For Dealers Facing This Vehicle Shortage

As the vehicle shortage continues, we want to provide some words of encouragement to our friends and colleagues who are working at dealerships across the country. In this short podcast, our Managing Editor, Carl Anthony, shares three tips for sales consultants to consider: 

  • Don’t go crazy reading the news. 
  • Work on your master certification.
  • Be there for your customers, no matter what. 

“The last thing I want to be is a talking head that weighs in with all kinds of opinions about the current vehicle shortage but doesn’t offer any helpful insight to our friends at the dealership,” Anthony said. “Back in 2009 when the GM brands started disappearing, I remember what it was like to watch inventory dwindle before your very eyes. It’s not easy, and my heart goes out to dealerships right now who are trying to weather this shortage.”  

Hit play to hear more . . . and if you are working at a dealership, be sure to follow us on Twitter. We always post a bunch of fun car stuff that will help get your mind off things for a little while.