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MyFord Touch Technology Reloaded for 2012

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Ford Motor Company has been riding high on their ability to embrace new realities of 21st century motoring. An auto company that has been a forerunning architect not just for motoring but general human culture since the Model T, Ford Motor Company main advantage has been integrating technology at just the right time. From the creation of Ecoboost engines to the wide adoption of their SYNC technology across Ford and Lincoln vehicles, the pattern to embrace this latest era where mastery of software as well as hardware dictates success.

Introduced in select 2011 model year vehicles including the Edge crossover, Ford buyers have been acquainting themselves to a premium infotainment system called MyFord Touch. Employing touchscreen and voice activated wizardry for simple tasks such as adjusting cabin temperature or stereo controls, MyFord Touch enhances SYNC features such as navigation. Much like the trend with the latest Apple electronic products, MyFord Touch is ready to launch a new, improved version providing users with more capabilities. Unlike the latest phone or tablet however, current ownership of MyFord Touch insure

A series of changes based upon the input from customers a new, faster MyFord Touch was created on the recommendations. In the newest upgrade of MyFord Touch, the graphic appearance has been improved for better readability. Featuring bigger, bolder fonts, the 8-inch touchscreen will also cast a crisper overall presentation of over 1,000 screens. Ford has pinpointed older motorists and passengers will benefit with the enhanced screen graphics most. Along with the better display of MyFord Touch, customer opinions drive the reengineered software to more quickly detect and react to touchscreen interaction.

Beyond the improve touchscreen interface, MyFord Touch’s Nuance powered voice recognition technology is also designed for faster response. Music and navigation voice searches are now simplified with the enhanced software supplying a more user-friendly experience. For sports fans, the new MyFord Touch awaits your voice-activated cheer. Through the new service Sirius Game Finder, a command can automatically locate a satellite radio broadcast of your favourite team or sport.


MyFordTouch ClimateSeat


MyFord Touch technology expands to support two new media experiences. While the current MyFord Touch recognizes popular smartphones and media players including the iPhone, the upgraded software will now allow interactivity with tablets such as the iPad through USB connection. Added to the new MyFord Touch, drivers will have the opportunity to listen to audio books with support. Other advancements Ford customers will note with the MyFord Touch is better hands-free phone experiences. Prompter automatic Bluetooth connectivity and improved noise cancellation are features that more engaged chatters would appreciate as they safely drive their Ford product. Navigation services through the new MyFord Touch will also receive an updated database that includes better imagery.

Arriving installed on the all-new Ford Escape, Flex and Taurus for the 2013 model year, owners of vehicles already equipped with MyFord Touch can expect a special delivery in the new year. During the early part of 2012, Ford Motor Company will mail a USB flash drive to United States customers with the key software enhancements. Simply needing to plug the USB device into the corresponding port on the vehicle, MyFord Touch will be updated. Ford also offers less technologically inclined owners the option of taking their vehicle to a dealer service center for the software installation.

Allowing updates for MyFord Touch is the second significant time that the Ford Motor Company has taken it amongst themselves to enhance their vehicles post-sale. In the second half of last year, the automaker invited buyers of the 2011 Ford Super Duty back to the dealership for a no-cost power boost made possible through a modification to the engine‘s electronics. When most previous times an auto company notifications would involve recall or other service requests, Ford is providing an interesting way in preserving owner’s interest in their products.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company



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