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Is A Car Warranty Transferable?

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This article covers whether or not you can transfer a manufacturer or extended warranty, how to transfer a used car warranty, and more.

Owning a car is something everyone dreams about, whether it’s new or used. But the challenge comes with maintaining the car because, after some time, their parts are bare minimum and most expensive if it needs replacement. If you need to avoid spending money, it’s essential to have a car warranty to ensure you rest accessible.

If you’re buying and selling cars, check whether the car warrant is associated with the vehicle. At this point, you may be asking yourself, is extended warranty transferable to the new owner. Depending on the type of warrant, the transfer is possible and still offers additional value to the new owner.

However, you need to note that not all warranties allow the transfer, and if it qualifies, the process might be challenging and will need the effort of both seller and buyer. If you are a new car, you’re wondering how to transfer car warranty to new owner. So, you need to know some crucial information about the transfer of a car warranty, and this article will guide you.

Let’s get started.

How To Process A Warranty Transfer

Since there is a wide variety of warranties, is extended warranty transferable to new car owners? The answer to this question is yes, but there is a process to follow as you consider the type of warranty. Moreover, other warranty transfers depend on the terms of the contract with the owner of the car.

However, some companies may request some fees before you can proceed to make a warranty transfer. These charges may be a set of some percentage included in the contract and works during the transfer period. The amount varies according to the company you purchased your warranty.

As you think of doing a warranty transfer, you need to keep in mind that the transfer is between person to person but not vehicle to vehicle. This is because a particular warranty plan covers the specific make and model of the car. Also, you can divide your warranty into different categories, including manufacturer warranty and extended warranty.

Extended Warranty Transfers

When an original car manufacturer warranty expires, you seek an aftermarket warranty to cover your car. These aftermarket companies are many, and most of them offer transferable warranties. Other warranty companies may offer both types of contracts that you can transfer and those cannot.

This transferable warranty is essential to dealers trading in car with extended warranty. Transferring an extended warranty might seem not to be costly compared to getting a new contract for your vehicle. Even if an aftermarket warranty can allow the transfer, it’s not that automatic process.

The vehicle owner needs to contact the warranty company to provide authorization for the transfer of the warranty. Likewise, the new owner will have to visit the same warranty company to give out their details. Depending on the company, some may allow you to do the transaction on your phone, while others will need a written letter before they initiate the transfer.

You can purchase an extended warranty from private companies, and other large competitors are also popular. Each company has its policies on how they offer transferable warranties. Ensure to verify if the policy will meet your desire before you purchase your extended warranty.

Always read the terms and conditions before you can make the deal of transferring its ownership. It will be helpful if you are trading in car with extended warranty and has a transferable warranty advertised. It will help to increase the number of buyers interested to buy your car.

Transferring A Factory Warranty

Since you need to change your new car, the manufacturer’s warranty might still be valid. The transfer of such a warrant will need a few requirements to process it to the new owner. Every car manufacturer has to maintain all warranty details with the VIN of each vehicle in national databases.

When you sell the car, the manufacturers’ warranty also follows the vehicle, not the car’s previous owner. You can view this if you bought a used car that reads 20,000 miles on the odometer, then the manufacturers’ warranty is still valid for the 16,000 miles. If the warranty extends, the remaining balance of the manufacturer’s warranty goes to the car’s new owner.

When processing the transfer, the car owner must verify their document to prove their ownership with car registration details. It will help if you have the proper factor warranty to measure its confidence in its products. In addition, the more extended the contract, the higher level of confidence when transferring ownership to the new buyer.

Certified Pre-Owned Warranty Transfer

Dealership inspects Certified Pre-Owned cars and guarantees if they meet the standard established by manufacturers. Most of these cars are refurbished and are in good condition but have mileage on the engine. These cars usually have their warranties outside the original manufacturer warranty.

However, their warrants work the same way as that of manufacturer’s warranties. Since the car is running to manufacturers standards and the dealers, they need to maintain their cars’ confidence. So, if you purchase the vehicle, how to transfer car warranty to new owner is simple. But this kind of warranty is only for the short term, and when it expires, you are reliable to repairs.

The Law Concerning Warranties

It is essential to note that warranties aren’t just subjected to terms and conditions but also regulated by the legal system. If you need to be on the safe side, it will help the truth about new and used cars.

Lemon Law

Sometimes you may not be lucky and land in a car that has mechanical issues ongoing. The Federal Lemon Law are in place to protect you as the owner. Under the law, they need to replace you if your car doesn’t meet the stated standards. Also, this happens to the used vehicles to protect your investment.

Repairs And Maintenance

Car’s owners can do hand routine maintenance without voiding the warranty. Every company honors your warranty and has the repair and maintenance performed by a dealership or professional mechanic. As a result, you are free to make any modification you need and improve your driveway as you involve any mechanic you want.

If there will be any damage resulting from maintenance and repair, you are responsible for paying. The warranty covers repairs related to manufacturer defects and other damages outlined in the contract. So please don’t make changes that will interfere with the damages outlined in our car warranty.

Final Thought

Transferring a car warranty might not be that simple and will depend upon the terms of the contract from the company you purchased the contract. If you’re not sure whether your car warranty is transferable, it’s best to contact the warranty company before buying or selling the car. Ensure to visit a reliable car warranty company that allows the transfer of warranty when you sell your vehicle.

Remember that manufacturer warranties are not the last option, but you can still protect your car with an extended warranty. You need to have a warrant to a minimum the cost of repair when you need it. We hope you will take advantage of the information mentioned above before proceeding to car warranty transfer deals.