Ford Takes 1.0L EcoBoost To LA – In A Suitcase


The Los Angeles Auto Show is the place where automakers go to debut their eco-friendly wares. It is California after all. This year, production versions of the Chevrolet Spark EV and Fiat 500E will be introduced.

As for Ford, it is introducing the smallest engine to ever wear an Eco Boost tag in the United States. Ford’s efficiency drive has led EcoBoost to be slapped on a variety of engines. In Europe, Ford has been selling a 1.0 liter Eco Boost. It has yet to make it’s way to the United States – until now.


To emphasize just how small this engine is, Ford decided to pull a stunt. They brought the engine over from Detroit in a suitcase. Ford communications says the Transportation Security Administration had no problems bringing the engine aboard the airplane. They took some pictures of the engine as it went through the x-ray scanner in the suitcase and also in its own plastic tub. The question now is, what car will get this engine in the U.S?

Ford is clearly doing some advanced PR here, but we’re likely to see a production announcement at the LA show. It will likely be under the hood of the sub-compact Fiesta. With just 3 cylinders, it will be interesting to see how customers take to the new engine. In Europe the Focus also gets this engine, which we imagine is dreadful to drive. Americans like our power, and 3 cylinders even in the Fiesta will probably be a stretch at this point. If anything will change people’s minds though, it will be that mileage sticker on the window…and the price at the pump.

  1. Putting the Ecoboost in the suitcase definitely is a smart way of showing how compact it is. Future engines will only get smaller and smaller.

  2. Oh, come on – not another clueless 3-cylinder basher! Get informed. The 1.0 L comes turbo charged making 123 HP right from the factory! In a Fiesta-sized car it should be PLENTY peppy to drive. It is already being sold in Europe in the Focus with good reviews. Seek first to understand, then to be understood!

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