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Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle Review: An Expensive Radar Detector & Dash Cam Worth Every Penny

Escort MAX 360c
Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle
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In the world of radar detection devices, few names are more renowned than Escort. The company’s history is a storied one, as Escort has stood front and center as a pioneer in radar detection for quite some time. In a bid to build upon this legacy, Escort has released the MAX 360c and M1 Bundle.

This package combines Escort’s Wi-Fi enabled MAX 360c radar detector and a 1080p M1 dash camera. Much of the buzz surrounding the Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle centers around its broad array of features and capabilities, which all appear to be rather intriguing and useful.

As advanced as this unit appeared, I still felt that any final judgement was best reserved until I could put Escort’s latest package to the test. Here is what I found after finally putting the unit in my truck for this Escort MAX 360c Review.

Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle

Editorial Disclosure: Escort sent me the MAX 360c and M1 Bundle free of charge. I was not compensated by Escort for this review, although I was allowed to keep the product. The opinions below are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Automoblog or its parent company, Gearhead Media LLC.

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Escort MAX 360c Features

The Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle includes a broad range of features that drivers should find helpful. Here is an overview of each.

AutoLearn Technology

This essentially allows the radar detector to “learn on the fly” to provide drivers with a more comprehensive range of protection. The unit utilizes GPS intelligence, IVT filtering, and AutoSensitivity to learn your daily travel routes to reduce the frequency of false alerts.

Today’s ultra-modern world is full of various signals that are emitted from any number of electronic devices. Most radar detectors repeatedly flag these signals, thereby leaving one to wonder if it’s an active police radar or just an automatic door at the nearby strip mall. The MAX 360c is capable of identifying such false alerts and bars them from being reported.

360 Alerts

The Escort MAX 360c, like its name implies, provides 360-degree alert coverage. These give drivers an indication of the direction from which a particular radar signal originated. When active radar use is detected, it displays directional arrows on its face, relaying information in real-time as to where a patrol car is likely situated.

This was another feature that was quite interesting to see in action. In fact, I made a habit out of watching these directional indicators when I knew a squad car was stationed in the immediate area. In every situation, the detector was able to decipher the origin of the radio waves accurately.

WI-FI Connectivity

This makes pairing possible between the Escort MAX 360c and newer Wi-Fi-equipped vehicles. When connected to the internet, the radar detector performs automatic system updates, including those pertaining to the sharing of data from other vehicles with Escort devices.

This is useful as it allows you to view traffic information relayed from other drivers in real-time. Because of this, drivers can rely on every unit in the vicinity and not just the information provided solely by their MAX 360c.

M1 Camera Features

Much like the detector, the M1 dashcam is chalked full of user-friendly features. This camera connects directly to the MAX 360c via cable and powers up automatically, in much the same way as the unit itself. 

This camera comes with a 16GB microSD card and records on a continuous loop, which ensures you are never without a functional camera because of inadequate storage space. The M1 dash camera can record for two hours and 40 minutes on a single loop when using the provided 16GB card.

This dash camera also comes equipped with a G-Sensor, which detects when any collision might occur. When a collision is detected, the M1 automatically earmarks and saves the corresponding video file for later review. The unit’s power button can also be depressed during operation to save video files manually.

Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle
The Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle consists of the radar detector (center) and a dash camera (right).

What Comes With The MAX 360c & M1 Bundle?

Upon taking delivery of this bundle, I immediately began unboxing its components to get a better look at what I was working with.

The Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle comes with everything necessary to facilitate both the radar detector and camera operation. A set of concise directions are also included, which are quite helpful. The following is a list of everything included with the bundle:

  • Travel case
  • M1 Dash Cam
  • 16GB Micro SD Card
  • Mounting accessories
  • Premium EZMag Mount
  • MAX 360c Radar Detector
  • SmartCord USB w/AutoMute
  • Micro-USB to USB Type-A cable

Escort MAX 360c & M1 Apps

One of the best characteristics of the Max 360c and M1 dash camera is how they can be operated as an individual sees fit. If you choose to use either of these units in a “set it and forget it” fashion, you can certainly do so. However, for those that wish to tap into the full interactive experience, apps are offered for both of the devices.

Max 360c App (Escort Live)

The Escort Live App allows drivers to collect data beyond that offered by their own personal MAX 360c unit. Through this app, observed radar locations from anywhere in the country can be accessed in seconds. All MAX 360c radar detectors report to this interface in real-time, thereby presenting drivers with a greater lead time to make necessary adjustments in speed to avoid a ticket.

This app also relays information regarding traffic lights, posted speed limits, and travel delays. Additionally, one can access directions within this app. These individual features help drivers plan their travels more efficiently.

M1 Dash Cam App

The M1’s Dash Cam App provides drivers with a quick and straightforward means of managing their videos. From this app, you can edit, save, and store videos without having to remove the camera from its mount. This will be extremely handy in the event of an accident. If a collision of any type were to occur, one could simply click through the app and access that exact video file.

This same app can modify the M1’s settings. From an in-app menu, consumers can select from a number of loop settings, enable or disable audio recordings, and set G-Sensor sensitivity.

Installing The Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle

Within 20 minutes of unboxing each of these two units, the installation was complete, and I was on the road. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Hook the dash camera to the radar detector via the included cord.
  2. Fasten it into place alongside the MAX 360c.
  3. Plug in the supplied SmartCord USB cable.
  4. The entire assembly is now ready to be fitted to the windshield.
  5. The EZMag Mount allows the unit to be attached or removed from its position.

Once installed, the basic operation is as simple as firing up your vehicle. Both units are supplied power simultaneously through the SmartCord USB cable. They power up immediately upon starting your vehicle.

Take Your Time With The Escort MAX 360c

The various settings are simple to toggle through. A little more than the push of a button is required to make any necessary changes. However, I would advise anyone purchasing the Escort MAX 360c to set aside time to familiarize themselves with each of the unit’s various settings. It can take a bit to understand how best to utilize each of the unit’s modes.

Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle.
Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle.

Putting The MAX 360c & M1 Bundle to The Test

I made a point to make several jogs through known speed traps just to see how well the MAX 360c’s level of detection was. I must say, even I was a little surprised at what I found.

In every case that I can recall, the unit picked up on the radaring patrol car and promptly registered a response. It did so with a high rate of accuracy in identifying where each signal originated. In most cases, I was alerted to the fact that radar was in use, and the direction it was coming from, even before I could physically see a squad car.

Not to disappoint, the M1 dash camera seemed to work flawlessly as well. When consulting the recorded footage, I found all video to be crystal clear, and without any observable deficit in quality. Video recovery was also trouble-free with the app.

Loose Camera Mount Issue

Overall, the Escort MAX 360c and M1 bundle far exceeded my expectations. In fact, it’s our #1 Top Pick for the best radar detectors with dash cams. I have always been skeptical of the numerous claims made by radar detector manufacturers, Escort included. However, I have now seen enough to say this bundle accomplishes almost everything it claims.

The one issue I do have is how the camera mount has started to loosen with time in my truck. I am concerned the unit might fall if I hit a bump too hard or go off-road as I often do on my hunting and fishing trips.

Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle.
I am generally skeptical of the claims made by companies who sell radar detectors. However, I was quite surprised at the high level of functionality and accuracy of the Escort MAX 360c and M1 Bundle.

What Does The MAX 360c & M1 Bundle Cost?

The Max 360c and M1 Bundle retails for $849.90 on Escort’s official site but often has sales to lower that cost down a bit.

While this might seem like a hefty price to pay, one must also consider the scope of this package. It includes both the radar detector and the dash camera, plus the high functionality of the accompanying apps. If you wish to protect yourself from every angle, there are likely few better investments than the Escort Max 360c and M1 bundle.

Our Top Pick
Escort Max 360c & M1 Bundle

While not exactly cheap, the Escort Max 360c with M1 Bundle comes with everything you need to protect yourself and your vehicle in one bundle. The Max 360c itself is one of the best radar and laser detectors on the market today.

We earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking this link. Thanks for your support 🙂

Other Available Options

You can also purchase the Escort Max 360c and the M1 dash camera separately. The Escort Max 360c retails for $649.95 while the M1 dash camera goes for $199.95. However, by the time you purchase them individually, it’s a better value to go with the bundle.

We also recommend the Escort Redline 360c, which retails for $749.95 and wins our award for the best radar detector currently on the market. Like the Max 360c, the Redline unit can be bundled with the M1 dash camera but comes with advanced stealth protection to hide your unit from radar detector-detectors.

While all the prices listed in this article are correct to date, Escort frequently has sales on their products, so you’re likely to end up paying less than MSRP.

Josh Boyd is an ASE Certified technician with over a decade of experience in automotive repair. When not under the hood, he can be found in the woods or on the water, pursuing his other passions of hunting and fishing.