Lemur EconoDriver

Contest: Win a Lemur EconoDriver or SafeDriver Monitor

Last month, we featured a Gearhead Gift Guide featuring OBDII scanners, and a device called the Lemur EconoDriver made the list. It’s a small gadget that attaches to your keychain, wirelessly monitoring and constantly updating you on your car’s fuel economy, “green” driving habits, and an approximation on the cost of the fuel you’ve used.

This month, Lemur Monitors is nice enough to provide us with an EconoDriver monitor (MSRP $79.95) and another one of their monitors, the SafeDriver (MSRP $69.95.)

The SafeDriver attaches to your OBDII connector just like the EconoDriver, and updates you with information like maximum speed, distance driven, and how many hard brakes have occurred on this trip. It’s a good device for protective parents that want to make sure their kid (or husband) isn’t pushing the limits in your Camry every time he takes it out. It can also tell you if the device has been tampered with, just to make sure nobody is cheating.

Take a look at the product descriptions below then keeping reading to learn how to win one!


Lemur EconoDriver

Lemur Vehicle Monitors EconoDriver is a wireless vehicle monitor that provides real-time driving feedback to help drivers save money spent on fuel. Reports cost per trip in dollars and cents. Reports distance traveled. Reports wasted fuel in dollars and cents. Provides a green rating based on your style of driving, the more leaves you get the better driver you are. Also displays your fuel economy in miles per dollar so you know how far you can drive on one dollar. Plus more cool features. Simple self install. Plug and play on any vehicle made since 1996.



Provides parents with information on their kid’s driving habits. Lemur Vehicle Monitors SafeDriver is a wireless vehicle monitor intended to provide real time driving feedback for parents of teens. Reports maximum speed to help prevent excessive speeding. Reports distance traveled to help prevent extra vehicle use. Reports any sudden braking to help prevent distracted driving. Only the parent can reset the report using their secret 4 digit pin. Attempts to disable product results in tamper alert on key fob. Simple self install. Plug and play on any vehicle made since 1996.

How to Enter the Contest

It’s easy! Just follow the quick entry methods below and win either the EconoDriver or SafeDriver.

Step 1

Enter your name and email address, as well as which Lemur Monitor you want to win and why:

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Step 2

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Step 3

That’s all! Just wait until one month from today on February 12th. If you win, we will contact you for your shipping address.


Only one entry per person. Only available to residents with a mailing address in North America. Have fun, and feel free to get creative with why you want one of the monitors!