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Chrysler Halcyon Concept Shows a Seamless Blend of Style, Sustainability & Technology

Chrysler Halcyon Concept Summary

  • American automaker Chrysler has given us a glimpse into its all-electric future with the Halcyon Concept, proof that sedans remain part of Chrysler’s planned rollout of an all-electric portfolio by 2028.
  • Chrysler is set to debut its first EV in 2025. The Halcyon Concept incorporates 800V lithium-sulfur EV batteries and has the ability to charge wirelessly.
  • STLA AutoDrive technologies enable Level 4 autonomous driving.

“The Chrysler Halcyon Concept brings to life a fully electric tomorrow through new technology suites from Stellantis that integrate with simple and pure aerodynamic design and a seamless, connected, and immersive cockpit experience,” said Chris Feuell, Chrysler brand CEO – Stellantis.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept: Harmony In Motion

Halcyon refers to a past moment of prosperity, success, and happiness. Chrysler designers went back in time to inspire the Halcyon Concept’s slippery cab-forward architecture, a design idiom that the brand popularized in production cars of the early 2000s, like the LHS and 300M.

This time, Chrysler calls it “Harmony in Motion,” corporate speak to describe the Halcyon Concept’s aerodynamically optimized body. It rides low to the ground (no more than four inches off the road, said Chrysler) and has a front blade directing oncoming air to the windshield base and over the glass canopy.

Meanwhile, the adaptive headlights comprise a razor-thin LED light strip and an illuminated Chrysler wing logo front and center, a design that first debuted on the Airflow Concept. The slim wing mirrors are cameras that project a view of the concept’s side profile to screens inside the cabin, and there are zero physical door handles to preserve the “purity of the proportions.”

Chrysler Halcyon Concept
The Chrysler Halcyon Concept hints at what the legacy automaker’s electrified future will look like. With the concept, Chrysler is showcasing sustainable materials, full autonomy, and personalized driving experiences. Photo: Stellantis.

Active Aero Technology

The rear of the Halcyon Concept is where the aerodynamic magic occurs. It has Chrysler’s Active Aero Technology, comprising a rear spoiler, rear air suspension, and a sliding rear composite diffuser that effectively mimics the longtail design of a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 or McLaren Longtail.

The sleek shape incorporates acrylic-tinted butterfly-hinged rear canopies that lift with the rear-hinged back doors, a necessity given the concept’s dramatically sloping all-glass roof.

Even the machine-faced 22-inch wheels have an optimized turbine design to minimize drag, while the custom 255/35/R22 Pirelli tires offer more grip but lessen the rolling resistance to preserve range.

Dynamic Wireless Charging

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept may resemble a high-performance EV like a Porsche Taycan or Audi e-tron GT. Still, the brand did not mention the concept’s performance merits during the reveal on February 13th, 2024.

However, Chrysler did talk about the concept’s Lyten 800V lithium-sulfur battery pack that doesn’t contain precious elements like cobalt, manganese, or nickel and has a 60 percent lower carbon footprint than existing lithium-ion or nickel-hydride chemistries.

The feature that caught our fancy is the Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (DWPT) technology. The system recharges the Halcyon Concept wirelessly while traveling over properly equipped and dedicated road lanes.

In December 2021, Stellantis joined other industry partners to develop and showcase the potential of DWPT technology at the Arena del Futuro circuit in Chiari, Italy. In late November 2023, Israel-based Electreon and the State of Michigan made news for demonstrating the first wireless-charging capable roadway in the United States in Detroit. 

STLA AutoDrive & Stargazing Mode

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept features the STLA AutoDrive platform from parent company Stellantis to enable Level 4 autonomous driving.

With STLA AutoDrive engaged, the steering wheel and pedals retract as the windshield and glass canopy turn opaque to create a more immersive in-cabin experience. For example, occupants can activate the Stargazing Mode, which projects information about stars and constellations onto the windshield. 

Chrysler Halcyon Concept Stargazing Mode.
The STLA AutoDrive platform enables Level 4 autonomous driving and includes features like Stargazing Mode. In Stargazing mode, the seats move back while the augmented-reality windshield projects information about the stars and constellations. Photo: Stellantis.

Immersive Cabin

The Halcyon Concept’s interior features laser-pattern Solar White suede materials derived from 73 percent PET bottles, Chrysler wing logos made from crushed music CDs, 100 percent recycled Melange Heather fabrics, textile-infused wood, and brushed copper door sill accents.

Along with Stargazing Mode, the Chrysler Halcyon Concept has a cacophony of in-cabin features powered by STLA Brain and STLA SmartCockpit technologies from parent company Stellantis.

Prepare Mode

In Prepare Mode, an AI virtual assistant can notify the driver of any upcoming events that day. The Chrysler Halcyon Concept syncs with the driver’s calendar, adjusting the navigation ahead of time according to current traffic conditions.

An Intelligent Cabin Comfort feature uses the latest weather reports and the user’s preferred HVAC settings from other connected devices, like a smart home thermostat, to adjust climate controls remotely before the trip.

Welcome & Entry Modes

In Welcome Mode, the driver is the “key,” as the Halcyon Concept utilizes facial biometrics to unlock and open the doors and start the car without lifting a finger. Occupants are greeted with an illuminated LED exterior lighting animation, personalized exterior sound features, and a greeting on interior screens.

At the same time, the AI computer could detect if the user has a bag or backpack and retract the rear seats automatically.

The Halcyon Concept previews the next generation of Stow ‘n Go seating first popularized in the brand’s minivans. But instead of retracting neatly into the floor, the rear seat bottoms retract into the trunk area to reveal more storage room.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept Going Forward?

Chrysler has a history of unveiling thought-provoking concept cars throughout its history (the ME Four-Twelve of 2004 is one of those), and a few even made it to production (the 1996 LHX Concept eventually morphed into the production Concorde full-size sedan).

Chrysler gave no word about Halcyon’s production future, but we’re glad the automaker crafted a concept worth desiring. If nothing else, we look forward to seeing Halcyon’s spirit in future Chrysler EVs.

Alvin Reyes is an Automoblog feature columnist and an expert in sports and performance cars. He studied civil aviation, aeronautics, and accountancy in his younger years and is still very much smitten to his former Lancer GSR and Galant SS. He also likes fried chicken, music, and herbal medicine.

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