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Chevy Silverado vs. GMC Sierra: Same or Different?

Recently, we took a detailed look at the 2016 Chevy Silverado but what is the story on the GMC counterpart?  Is there a difference between Sierra and Silverado?

I mean really?  The trucks are, after all, built, side by side, in Flint, Michigan, Roanoke, Indiana, and Silao, Mexico.

According to data collected by, 72 percent of truck owners consider the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra the same.  Interestingly, of the 28 percent that see them as different, Chevy Silverado is favored by a margin of 30 percent.

Jason Lancaster, a consultant with, says the parts for each truck are remarkably similar.

“What’s curious is that parts interchange is pretty consistent and outside of the obvious appearance parts, most part numbers are exactly the same for anything under the hood and body,” Lancaster says.

Public perception favoring Chevy Silverado does not necessarily deem it superior.  Likewise, GMC Sierra’s billing as “Professional Grade” may not mean much against its bowtie wearing brother.

“Saying one is ‘better’ than the other is hard to justify, at least when you look at the part numbers,” Lancaster added.

The infographic below from outlines more of the survey, although for some, more questions might be raised than answered.  For example, would this type of thinking apply to the mid-size truck segment, which has seen a resurgence thanks to General Motors?

Would Colorado owners be more apt to say their truck is better than a Canyon?

What do you think?

  1. Even if two trucks are using similar parts, it doesn’t mean the experience will be the same. There is a lot more that goes into the overall experience of a car than a spec sheet :).

  2. This is ridiculous, anybody who knows anything about trucks should know GMC/Chevy trucks have been the same animal aside from the grille since day 1. I’m a GMC guy myself (1989 V3500 crew cab), it all comes down to front end preference, neither one is better than the other, all that matters is both are better than ford..

  3. Just helped my brother buy a brand new 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 over a Silverado 1500. While the 2 are very similar, the difference for us was the interior ride. My brother had spinal surgery and wanted the softest ride he could get. After driving them both with the same options packages, the hands down choice was the Sierra. The interior was better appointed, quieter and transmitted less of the bumps and road anomolies thru to the seats and wheel. We both reserved comment until the very end and after driving 2 of each, at different option levels, the GMC was better, at least for the softness of ride my brother was looking for. Chevy’s always felt like a truck to me, but was surprised that GMC felt that much smoother IMO

  4. They are the same but GMC offers a level up model that puts it a step up from the Chevy..The Denoli.

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