BMW M3 Sedan

BMW M3 GT Reportedly Being Considered for Next-Generation

One of the most revered cars in performance would no doubt have to be the BMW M3, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary.

It and its larger brother the M5 are viewed by many as untouchable leaders in their respective segments.
That also is true for their less-sporting counterparts, the standard 3-Series and 5-Series. These models have provided a solid basis for BMW’s lineup expansion.

The 5-Series Gran Turismo is one of those new models, aiming to blend the attributes of a sedan, crossover and coupe – with questionable results.

With that in mind, could BMW be looking to continue that formula with a 3-Series variant? It looks like a possibility – according to M3Post, there is a new report out in Roundel saying an M3 Gran Turismo is on the table.


If a M3 GT is similar in approach to the 5-Series GT then color us not in favor of the idea. What isn’t clear from the report is if the car would follow the same mould. It seems as if BMW has a very loose definition of GT, being flexible with the use of the moniker. While the 5-Series GT is not a performance model in the least, BMW is rumored to be affixing it to a production version of the Gran Coupe Concept, which is a four-door coupe.

With the 6-Series GT, BMW will be late to the game in the four-door coupe segment, as the Mercedes-Benz CLS enters into its second-generation and Audi makes an appearance with the A7 Sportback.

In international markets, Audi already has introduced an A5 Sportback counterpart to the A4. Could BMW be fielding a four-door coupe competitor to it with a 3-Series GT? Now that’s an idea we can agree with – not an unappealing, crossover-like vehicle in the vein of the 5-Series GT. And certainly not a vehicle like that with the M3 badge on it.

While we can honestly say we’ve never seen it in the wild, BMW has offered a sedan version of the M3 here in the United States. It hasn’t been a big seller, but it a choice for the few that want M3 performance in a more practical package.

Speculation has been rampant that due to slow sales of the four-door model, it will be cut in the next-generation of the 3-Series. We think a dramatic new four-door coupe M3 would have a lot of appeal in the United States. Hopefully, BMW will opt for that route rather than something similar to the 5-Series GT. Time will tell.

  1. My first thought when i read the headline was – oh no, not another crossover. If BMW is replacing the 4-door M3 with anything other than a smaller, lighter 4-door M3 I fear already weak sales would drop off completely.

    Also,I beleive there is a picture of an M3 sedan in your recent GTI review, autocrossing no less.

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