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Barracuda Racing Wheels “GIRLZ-STYLE”

Is this some sort of a joke? Is there a hidden camera watching me? Just how much of a sadist are you Chris? OK, so this lands in my inbox this morning: ” Barracuda Racing Wheels “GIRLZ-STYLE”,” and besides the atrocious and blatant use of the letter “z”, the Englishing in press release is too funny.

“The passion which the female part of human kind has for a nice pair of shoes has already become legendary. It will probably remain a secret from men for all eternity as to why a woman will regularly drop everything and always pursue the latest shoe trends, regardless of the danger of thus ruining themselves financially.”

See, this is why BabelFish is a bad idea when it comes to doing your international corporate communications.

Not only that, but I’d love to be in the offices of Barracuda Racing Wheels when the heir aperients to Andrea Dworkin get wind of this. The blood bath will no doubt look like something out of a Peckinpah film.

T6 Girlz Style Snake GreyBARRACUDA RACING WHEELS (another Euro firm that insists on their company name being in all caps) is a Swiss rim forging company. Maybe they think that being Swiss gives them some sort of neutrality when they toss off misogynistic BS like: “BARRACUDA RACING WHEELS is now giving trendy girls the opportunity to apply their “shoe tick” to the “shoes” of their car as well. Make way for the new, extravagant BARRACUDA rim line GIRLZ-STYLE!”

Yeah, make way for seeing your liver flying out the office window bub. And what’s with that exclamation point? Trendy girls? I won’t even start on that.

“The newly offered products by BARRACUDA will make women’s hearts beat faster … ” only if they fly into an Artemisian-style frenzy, gracefully draw their bows and level that ewe wood bolt at your Swiss skulls.

Swarovski? Oh dear God. “The gleaming “brilliant art” Swarovski crystals also come into their own with the sporty Karizzma wheel, in particular in its matt black design. They are available in the colour tones “Crystal”, “Light Sapphire” and “Light Rose”. Other colour variations are available on request.”

Yeah, here’s a request for you … oh never mind.