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The 5 Ugliest Cars of 2014

We all can’t own beautiful cars, and that’s just a fact of life. There’s a reason the McLarens, Aston Martins, and Lamborghinis of the world come at such a high price.

But just because everyone can’t own the best does not mean we have to settle for the absolute lowest of the low.

Brands like Mazda and Hyundai – once known for bland, unoriginal styling – now offer some of the best looking economy cars on the road, and they won’t break the bank. Even Nissan is doing a decent job, with its latest Versa Note.

Unfortunately, many brands still seem to hate their customers, pushing out one absurdly bad design after another. If you want to avoid being ridiculed, stay away from these, the ugliest cars of 2014 – no matter how good the “model year end sale” price ends up being!

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage

2014 Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi is trying, I’ll give them that. Their Outlander Sport crossover isn’t so bad, and the Lancer is honestly one of the most misunderstood sedans on the market. But the Mirage is a failed attempt at building a decently-efficient, affordable subcompact.

It looks like a pre-2011 Hyundai, which you should probably buy instead if you’re considering this, as you’re already too cheap to shell out another grand or two for a better-looking car.

2014 Nissan Cube

2014 Nissan Cube

Look, I get that a lot of people don’t care about cars, and that’s fine. There are plenty of other options for SUV alternatives, though – like the Scion xB.

When I see a Nissan Cube driving down the road, I feel like the owner is purposefully trying to say “I’d rather drive a box than conform to your idea of style!”

If you need the extra space for cheap, buy a minivan.

2014 Lincoln MKT

2014 Lincoln MKT

Out there, someone paid over $50,000 for a 2014 Lincoln MKT. And I can only assume that she was old and mostly blind.

I don’t know what Lincoln was thinking when they designed the front of this car. It looks like it’s been beaten in with sticks, but the assailant was kind enough to leave a little nose with the Lincoln emblem.

If that weren’t bad enough, its rear sticks out so much that I would be too scared to put anything heavy in the back out of fear I’d end up on two wheels.

2014 Ford Fiesta (Sedan)

2014 Ford Fiesta Sedan

I’m in the market for a second car, and a cheap one at that. I realize I’m likely going to have to settle for something less than pretty if I want reliability, but I can’t bring myself to even think about a 2014 Ford Fiesta sedan.

It looks like it’s riding itself into the ground – or it’s “presenting” itself to the car behind it. Either way, it’s one of the ugliest economy cars on the road today.

The hatchback on the other hand – especially the ST model – is worth a look.

2014 Honda Insight

2014 Honda Insight

Honda managed to do something I honestly didn’t think was possible: they made an uglier version of the Prius.

Hybrid cars are fine, but they don’t have to look like the Frankenstein-like hatchback-sedans we’re used to seeing today. If a little company like Tesla Motors can build a beautiful electric car, we know the world’s largest automakers can give us a good-looking hybrid.

What 2014 cars have you ridiculed this year? Leave a comment and let us know!

    1. Never heard of a Buick Range. Is that a China-exclusive model? Or do you mean Range Rover? But that’s not a Buick, it’s just British.

      1. No the whole Buick range. From Verano to Enclave……. all horrid looking. Buick Regal literally looks like a car from China. The designers @ Buick should be shot.

        1. I’m not sure what you think “literally” means. The Regal is based on the car sold in Europe as the Insignia. I’ve never heard anyone call it ugly until now.

          1. Buicks biggest market in the world is China. Regal is built for them first – Insignia was built after which is why it got the LED headlight upgrade. Insignia was to replace the failed Omega with a more fuel efficient vehicle. No one bought the insignia.

  1. The Nissan Cube is cute. And there’s nothing ‘ugly’ about the Mitsubishi Mirage; it’s just little. The Lincoln MKT is indeed ugly, so you got one right.

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